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Poly Carbonate Roofing

We present you unique Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet which combines the strength of polycarbonate with superior insulation and powerful physical properties. Lotus polycarbonate is ideal for non-corrosive industrial structural roofing, siding, and a multitude of Do-It-Yourself applications in view of its high impact strength and wide service temperature range. A combination of powerful physical properties and superior insulation yields a very durable sheet for varied roofing, cladding and glazing purposes.

Ooviam polycarbonate sheets help in unique way in minimizing or reducing the Power energy consumption in artificial electrical lighting in many of the areas of application. Ooviam polycarbonate sheets help to harness natural source of Solar Energy, plenty of which is available in India. The unique properties of Ooviam polycarbonate sheets make these sheets technically solid and superior to solve daylight problems. Thus it has become the first choice of Agriculturists, Commercial & Domestic Green House, garden House, Farm House makers and others i.e. Builders, Architects, Interior Designers.